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Practice Cursive Handwriting.
Why Bring Cursive Back?

California mandates cursive handwriting instruction in elementary schools. More than a decade after it was phased out in most schools, elementary school students in California will begin learning cursive writing in 2024 - thanks to a new law.

Teaching kids cursive handwriting has both practical and cognitive benefits:

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Many educators believe that "incorporating cursive instruction" can offer a well-rounded approach to language and literacy development for children.

Special Features

A Multi-sensory Learning Experience

Grooved Design

Different from dot-to-dot tracing, the special grooved design makes tracing so much easier and great fun.

Ink Fades

The special formulated ink fades in 5-30 mins, so the book can be used over and over again.

Functional Pen Grip

A pen grip helps hand muscles to move freely and also helps to improve handwriting skills

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What Parents Think of Teaching Cursive Handwriting

"This is great for learning cursive and practicing!

- Kathleen P


"I taught cursive writing for many years, and really believe it should still be taught in schools!"

- Jamie J


"Absolutely! We taught it in our county. Kids enjoyed learing it!"

- Virginia E

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the ink safe for kids and how long will the spare refills last?


The ink used is extracted from plants, so it is safe to use. The spare refills will last for approximately one year if stored in a cold and dry area.


Can I use Clever Eli pen on normal paper?


Yes, the Eli pen can be used to write on any paper. But remember that the ink will disappear within approximately 5-30 minutes.


Do you accept purchase orders?


Yes, we accept purchase orders from qualified institutions and government agencies. For more information, please contact info@clevereli.com

Here's What You Get In the Package

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