Why use letter tracing booksfor preschoolers?

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Just like adults, children can easily become frustrated when they’re not able to do simple actions, often leading to their losing interest in activities that prove to be too difficult.

For many parents and teachers, it’s one of the barriers to getting children interested in picking up a pencil to learn how to write.

Younger children may even shut down or become angry because they are not confident in basic skills such as letter formation.

But wait! There is a solution – and it’s loads of fun!

Give your child the gift of writing letters and numbers with Clever Eli’s grooved letter tracing book

This easy-to-use, long-lasting, kid-proof book offers toddlers and preschoolers the perfect kickstart to learning essential school skills.

The success of Clever Eli’s kids letter tracing book lies in its grooved alphabet tracing design. Children learn to write letters and numbers just like grown-ups, using grooves to guide their hands across the pages of the shapes within the pages of the writing practice book.

Why parents love this reusable tracing book

  • All Clever Eli’s 12-page numbers and letter tracing books for kids come with a FREE Clever Eli Pen Set
  • Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed children, from toddlers to grade 3
  • Made from kid-friendly materials designed for little hands and years of use
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Top 6 benefits of utilizinga kids letter tracing book

As kids practice writing letters using a tracing book, they’ll have fun and learn at the same time. Clever Eli is one of the best letter tracing books for preschoolers on the market, and here’s why:

Our letter tracing books help build fine motor skills

Handwriting is a complex skill that develops over time. It can be really challenging for toddlers and preschoolers to properly grip a writing utensil, let alone use that pen or pencil to practice tracing letters and numbers. Clever Eli’s grooved letter tracing books can help build fine motor skills in young children at home or school.

Letter tracing books for toddlers can teach them how to write

Writing is a multi-sensory activity. As young children use the shape, numbers and alphabet tracing book, they are learning how to incorporate language into the form and function of the alphabet letters and grammar. There is a connection between the senses.

Improved language abilities

Kids who use Clever Eli’s letter and number tracing books to write uppercase and lowercase letters trigger a connection between the brain and the hand that helps them improve their vocabulary and language recall.

Using alphabet tracing books to build muscle memory

As little ones practice writing letters and numbers by line tracing, their hands and fingers begin to adjust and retain that muscle memory. Clever Eli’s kids letter tracing book offers a guided practice that will help set up your child for future success at school.

Improved concentration and focus

Alphabet and number tracing books can help improve concentration and focus. Why? Your toddler has to focus on what they are doing. To write, draw and trace along the lines, little ones have to watch where their hands are going and pay attention to the grooves of Clever Eli’s letter shapes and lines. That kind of concentration on learning proper letter formation, aided by their alphabet tracing can take a lot of work. More use of our preschool letter tracing books ensures your child’s focus improves over time.

Your child’s letter-writing practice is fostering art and creativity

Alphabet and number tracing books help with learning how to read and write, but that’s not all. Letter tracing books for kids can also help foster art and creativity. Tracing is fun. It's not that far of a leap to move from preschool letter tracing books into art tracing books.

Preschool letter tracing bookshelp adults too!

While there are no set ages or times when a child must start their pre-writing skills, more and more adults are finding advantages for their preschoolers to use number and alphabet tracing books.

Here are just a few reasons parents, kindergarten directors, occupational therapists and teachers are turning to Clever Eli’s alphabet and number tracing books.

The independent toddler

The most obvious benefit of all is that the toddler or preschooler becomes increasingly independent as they practice tracing with a learn to write workbook.

More time for adults

This means that when kids are learning essential school skills by tracing then writing letters, their parents or teachers can be organizing for the next activity, or helping other children who might be writing.

Peace of mind

Every adult knows that school success starts with preparing the child’s confidence and skills before stepping into the schoolyard. Clever Eli’s ABC tracing books kickstart each child’s development. How? Preschool letter tracing books help toddlers and preschoolers in identifying letters, actively writing letters and numbers and is both fun and educational.

Best letter tracing book for preschoolers -again and again

Clever Eli provides is one of the best number and alphabet tracing resources internationally, with both Australian and United States professionals recommending its use. What’s so special about a Clever Eli grooved letter tracing book? It’s a reusable handwriting book so your kids can jump into their numbers, shape and alphabet tracing fun over and over.

The disappearing alphabet tracing trick

It’s so satisfying to watch the excitement of your kids discovering that their alphabet trace and color letter tracing book for preschoolers is magic!

Clever Eli uses a disappearing ink in each of the pens. The ink disappears within 5-30 minutes of use (the average time is 20 minutes) and makes writing letters so much more enjoyable for kids who see their “magic book” go blank before their eyes.

Enticing, kid-friendly pages

Each time the tracing disappears from the grooved, Clever Eli handwriting workbook, little ones can be seen flicking back the pages to write in their “magic copy book” again.  The disappearing ink trick encourages little ones to start their alphabet writing practice over again.

Special ink for child safety

Your Clever Eli preschoolers letter tracing book uses safe ink. Each of your 3 refills of disappearing ink is extracted from plants and is completely safe for kids.

4 stages of Clever Eli’snumber and alphabet writing book

Letter tracing practice is so important for little ones to identify letters, learn to grip their pencil correctly and understand the movement associated with writing. Each of the 4 stages will assist children to boost their confidence when learning to write:

Step 1

Children build their basic letter formation and writing skills by tracing lines in the grooved Clever Eli kids letter tracing book.

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Step 2

Simple shapes and interesting patterns are introduced to keep the child challenged and growing in strength as they practice what will soon be more refined alphabet tracing.

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Step 3

Most kids have built their confidence and are eager to trace letters and numbers. Our fun ABC writing practice books introduce both lowercase and uppercase letters at this stage. The letter is shown in the sample area and in a traced format. This is a great boost to your children learning how to write. They are guided to trace letters within red and blue lines.

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Step 4

After lots of letter writing practice, most kids are ready to trace some sight words.

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Why Clever Eli is the best letter tracing book

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Clever Eli’s core business is ensuring children are able to maintain adequate handwriting standards and stay active and engaged.

We know the confidence gained by mastering new skills and fine motor movements of the hands, and tracing is the ideal option for ongoing development!

If you have any questions about how our letter tracing books could benefit your children, classroom or creche, talk to us! Contact us directly or learn more about our letter tracing books for kids from our blog.

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