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Handwriting for kids can be difficult to master, but repeated practice and having fun is the perfect solution!

As parents, we all want to see our children succeed and thrive in their learning environments. But if we’re honest, handwriting practice, drawing numbers and learning print and cursive handwriting isn’t always that fun, especially if our kids are struggling.

An issue as simple as incorrectly holding a pen can set a child’s progress back and create anxiety around development. Yet most of the time, the problem is simply that the child is not enjoying their learning process. This can turn a fun exercise of learning writing strokes into a stumbling block, sometimes without us even realizing it.

So, how can we solve this?

Why choose Clever Eli Learn to Writebooks for children?

Clever Eli Learn to Write Books offer a unique, practical and fun solution to learning print and cursive handwriting.

While Learn To Write children’s books are by no means a new concept, Clever Eli offers a different approach that focuses on life-long learning embedded in fun and just a little bit of magic. This unique product is a multi-sensory, reusable writing book that includes lowercase and uppercase letters, short words, shapes, pictures and numbers.

Its revolutionary grooved design helps to enhance each child’s fine motor skills while simultaneously developing their muscle memories. And what’s more, it’s suitable for both left-handed and right-handed children and comes in a big, kid-friendly format that makes it easy to handle.

Each Clever Eli Learn to Write book also comes with a specially designed pen kit. The pen itself contains incredible disappearing ink that vanishes within 20 minutes of writing.

You’ll also receive a special pen grip to keep tiny fingers correctly positioned for practice. Clever Eli truly offers the best book for learning cursive and print writing!

Learning cursive writing is so important

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Even with increasing and ever-present technological advances, most children still learn written communication, whether they are in traditional schools or home-schooling systems.

There is a very good reason for this.

Not only does cursive writing improve motor skills, but it also teaches children how to focus, improves their memory, and engages their brainpower.

In fact, studies have shown that writing by hand directly impacts creative flow. A child actively writing is more likely to open their imagination to new ideas.

Scientifically speaking, cursive handwriting helps kids to connect learned words to motor memory. It improves spelling abilities, teaching children how to recognize written words and remember them.

It also stimulates simultaneous brain activity via the process of remembering and practicing as they trace letters in the book.

Who Can Benefit from Clever EliLearn to Write Children's Books?

Children of all ages can benefit from handwriting workbooks, whether they are just beginning to write letters and master early learning skills, to those already adept at full words, sentences, and communication skills.

Why wait for school-age when you can start practicing proper pen control and writing style with Learn To Write books for toddlers at home?

Clever Eli’s reusable learn to write books for kids are easy to follow and use, making them suitable for children with special needs or those requiring extra learning care to practice writing.


For an early childhood educator and other teachers alike, these books are a fantastic resource that reduces the need to print out endless practice pages or continuously buy kids handwriting books.


For parents at home, our learn to write workbook is a great way to keep kids interested and help them practice their fine motor skills and the writing process without the time pressure of the classroom.


Early child educators and occupational therapists (OTs) have found value in the unique design of these books insofar as they cover a range of handwriting issues in a clever all-in-one design.

What Clever Eli Learn to Write booksfor kids have to offer

Clever Eli offers a beginning handwriting workbook that is unlike any other available on the market today. Writing practice doesn’t need to be restricted to the classroom alone. Instead, it can be actively pursued in a fun and engaging way.

What makes Clever Eli the ultimate writing workbook is the amount of learning offered in a single, all-in-one package:

Learning print and cursive

Kids will be able to conquer both print and cursive handwriting styles by writing letters and line tracing over and over.

Reusable writing book

Clever Eli’s magic copy book can be used again and again using special disappearing ink (yes, you read that right, unlike a learn to write dry erase book, there is no mess or fuss). This means less supervision for the mom on the go.

Grooves to guide alphabet shapes

The unique groove design of each page helps kids' development as it is easier for children to find the correct motor skill coordination to form letters and numbers correctly. And, of course, the pen grip shows kids exactly how they need to hold their pens as they complete their handwriting exercises.

A fun experience

Setting children up for obtainable success in writing eases frustration and improves the learning process, turning it from an unpleasant experience into an exciting task. Parents can feel relieved about positive, progressive education and take comfort knowing their children won't be held back by a developmental delay in their handwriting. Our learn to write books for 4 year olds and other preschoolers truly introduces children to writing in the best way.

Practice Handwriting with Clever EliLearn to Write Children’s Books

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With Clever Eli, handwriting practice is made engaging, enjoyable, and helps spark kids’ imaginations.

You won’t need to worry about equipping your child with the tools they need for learning if you purchase a writing practice book that approaches a normal issue in a positive, success-oriented way.

Let’s quickly recap why Clever Eli is the ultimate choice for both tactile and visual learning.

  • For starters, you won’t need to buy multiple handwriting workbooks to help your children learn. Everything you need is contained in one book, including pre-writing skills like letters, shapes, numbers, and words on big, full-color practice pages. Because it is a reusable writing book, you only need to buy it once.
  • Special grooves embossed on good quality cardboard paper make handwriting practice fundamentally easier, as they guide your children’s fine motor skills.
  • When you buy Clever Eli products, you aren’t just getting kids writing workbooks. You’re also getting a pen kit (with refillable cartridges) that disappears after 20 minutes and comes complete with a specialized pen grip.
  • With this workbook, handwriting becomes easy to achieve and fun to pursue.

There are plenty more reasons why Clever Eli children’s learn to write books are the obvious choice, but the proof will be in their writing!

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