My name is Sophie, first time mum to a little princess. In 2019 my daughter started school and by being a ‘helper’ in her class, I noticed that 60% of children in her class couldn’t hold a  pen properly. I had a chat with her teacher, unfortunately there was nothing they could do as children are so jam packed with different subjects at school. If children are really struggling, teachers will refer them to Occupational Therapists otherwise, parents just need to help them at home. It appears that if children are not being taught how to write by their parents they may never learn how to write properly at all. SAD….


My daughter was born with ambidexterity and she kept swapping hands when she was writing. It didn’t raise any concerns until she was in school when her handwriting skills fell behind that of her peers. So I did some research and approached an Occupational Therapist. We decided to  ‘encourage’ her dominant hand when she was doing her handwriting exercises. I bought more than 20 different handwriting books for her but they were either too boring or the quality was not good. After doing a lot more research, and in conjunction with Occupational Therapists and School Teachers, we created our own unique grooved design and reusable handwriting book.  I believe that when having fun and practising the right things, children learn faster.


Initially, we were selling our books directly to parents but the feedback we received was so positive that not only are Occupational Therapists using our books for their clients but so many schools are now also using our books in their curriculum. In 2019 we started selling our books in Brisbane, Australia and now our books are currently being sold in more than 20 countries worldwide. In 2020, we also created a book exclusively for the USA. 

We are NOT drop shipping companies who purchase their products from an Asian country. We created our OWN books.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!