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Welcome to Clever Eli A Multi-sensory Handwriting Book: Grooved Design
Identify Shapes
Draw Pictures
Write Letters and Numbers
Enhance fine motor skills
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Book comes withFREE Pen Set

The BEST reusable handwriting book

Who is the book for

  • Toddlers/ Preschoolers
  • Homeschoolers
  • Children who are struggling with fine motor skills.
  • Many Occupational Therapists are using our book for their clients.
  • Over 100 Schools are using Clever Eli books both in Australia and America.

A New Way to Practice Handwriting

Our grooved design makes tracing easier for children and should boost their confidence when practicing their handwriting skills.

Why Handwriting Matters

Engage their Brains

Handwriting improves memory and a child's attention span and also helps to develop their ability to focus.

Nurture their Creativity

When children are writing by hand, their creative ideas will flow.

Excel in the Classroom

Most schools are still using written communication to educate their students. 

Special Features

 Clever Eli is designed to be a ‘kidproof’ book with many great features. 

Grooved Design
Cardboard Paper
Fading Ink
Light Yellow Paper
Steel Ring Binders
Pen Grip

Highly recommended by OTs​

Better Skills

Enhance fine motor skills.

Great Values

Reusable and non-messy.

Future Success

Boost children's confidence.

All-in-OneKids Handwriting Book

There are so many activities in our book.

  • Lines
  • Shapes and Drawings
  • Alphabet and Numbers
  • Sight Words
  • Print and Cursive Fonts

What Parents Say

A Happy Child Makes Happy Parents.

Make Handwriting Fun

A unique reusable handwriting book
made exclusively for the USA!

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