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A Multi-sensory Handwriting Book:

Grooved Design


Identify Shapes

Draw Pictures

Write Letters and Numbers

Enhance fine motor skills


Kickstart your child’shandwriting development

Is your child clenching their pencil, scribbling and still not writing words? Are you watching your little one resist number or letter writing because it’s just not fun? Unsure about how to practice handwriting for kids? Want to help your child gain the skills to tackle a learn to write cursive book in the future?

Meet Clever Eli – the fun and engaging handwriting book for kids to kickstart their fine motor skills and strength.

English handwriting for kids is made easy with the Clever Eli workbook which is full of exciting activities. Your child won’t be able to put down!

Grooved Writing Bookcomes withFREE Pen Set

Clever Eli’s children’s handwriting workbook is perfect for little ones aged 3 years and upwards to help them learn to hold and control a pen. It’s suitable for slightly older students too, with fun exercises to encourage handwriting practice for kids who are more advanced. This reusable writing book is a kid-friendly design that is made to last, and comes with a FREE gift that includes:

  • 1 x Eli Pen with ink that you don’t have to wipe clean – it disappears in less than 20 minutes!
  • x1 Colorful pen grip to help little hand and finger muscles to move freely
  • x3 ink refills, made from plant extracts so it’s safe

Some Schools who bought Clever Eli books🇺🇸​

The BEST reusable handwriting practice book

This handwriting workbook is designed and developed by us, in conjunction with, and endorsed by occupational therapists and school teachers.

Kids of all ages love Clever Eli! So who better to tell you what makes it one of the most popular handwriting practice exercise books? Click the video below to hear Vera share what she loves about her Clever Eli numbers, letters and handwriting workbook and why she’s used it over and over again.

Who is this indented writing book for?


Our reusable Clever Eli kids handwriting book is perfect for:

Toddlers/ Preschoolers

Clever Eli is designed for young ones who are just starting to hold a pen. Get a head start on their education with a handwriting workbook for kindergarten kids that teaches how to write letters and numbers and the basics of writing words.


With Clever Eli’s handwriting workbook for kids, they can practice their handwriting without always needing full focus from their parents. From letter strokes and shapes to strengthening their pencil grip, homeschoolers will have everything they need to improve their handwriting skills.

Children who are struggling with fine motor skills.

Kids of all ages can get in extra writing practice with these grooved letter tracing books. The grooved design makes it easy for children to practice writing with guidance. Since the ink disappears, they are able to continue their progress as they complete the page multiple times.

Many Occupational Therapists are using our book for their clients.

Using a print and cursive handwriting notebook helps children gain writing confidence. Handwriting also helps kids to strengthen and develop control over their hand muscles. Clever Eli’s grooved reusable tracing book is a great way to practice fine motor skills. Occupational therapists name Clever Eli as one of the best children’s handwriting practice books.

Over 250 Schools are using Clever Eli books both in Australia and America.

Clever Eli preschool writing books are popular in the education system. Parents of elementary school-aged children can also use Clever Eli to give their kids extra writing practice at home.

A New Way to Practice Handwriting For Kids

Our grooved design improves upon dot to dot tracing books and even some of the best cursive handwriting books as it guides the child’s pen along the lines and shapes. That makes tracing easier for children and should boost their confidence when practicing their handwriting skills. 

Don’t wait until your child goes to school before they learn how to write numbers and letters. The advances in your child’s fine motor control and functional pen grip after only a short time using Clever Eli’s fun handwriting practice books for kids will be obvious. Our design allows children to succeed even when tackling a harder learning cursive workbook due to the motor skills we foster. 

Here is an example of the incredible difference in how a young child just starting to learn handwriting skills will write letters compared to their perfect shapes and lines after practicing with Clever Eli’s reusable writing books for kids.

normal tracing

Why Handwriting Matters for Kids

Engage their Brains

Handwriting improves memory and a child's attention span and also helps to develop their ability to focus. Children’s handwriting books are an important tool to develop these skills that are necessary throughout their education journey.

Nurture their Creativity

When children are writing by hand, their creative ideas will flow. Practicing lines and drawing shapes, numbers and pictures helps to build up a child's mind and hand muscles. You’ll be amazed at what they can do!

Excel in the Classroom

Most schools are still using written communication to educate their students. Students who can write neatly and quickly are shown to complete assignments faster and with more accuracy. As students progress to note-taking, a learn to write cursive book will help the speed at which they can write.

Special Features

Clever Eli is designed to be ‘kid proof’ with many great features that set it apart from other children’s handwriting books and dot to dot activity books.

Grooved Design
Cardboard Paper
Fading Ink
Light Yellow Paper
Steel Ring Binders
Pen Grip

Best handwriting bookhighly recommended by OTs

Better Skills

Enhance fine motor skills.

Great Value

Reusable and non-messy.

Future Success

Boost children's confidence.

All-in-OneSchool Aged & PreschoolKids Handwriting Book

Clever Eli is one of the best handwriting books for kids on the market with so many fun activities for all ages in the one reusable handwriting practice book. It’s a multi-sensory number and letter print and cursive writing notebook that starts with the basics of pen strokes and how to write letters. Our handwriting books for kindergarten students then progresses to neater, more controlled cursive writing and Sight Words as children advance in their education.


Making neat lines that are straight, curved and of a consistent size is essential for good handwriting. Our writing book for kindergarten and school aged children lets them practice these pen strokes, again and again, to help ensure their success at writing letters and numbers.

Shapes and Drawings

Not all handwriting books for toddlers to school-aged children contain pages dedicated to line tracing shapes and drawings. This keeps handwriting practice for kids fun and engaging. It is also important because until they learn all the letters, and how to spell, children typically draw to express their creativity.

Alphabet and Numbers

Naturally, a handwriting workbook contains number and letter tracing practice. However, Clever Eli includes manuscript letters as well so that kids who aren't quite ready to tackle a harder handwriting cursive workbook can practice printing before learning to write.

Sight Words

The Sight Words page is unique to this beginning handwriting workbook and useful for kids as they begin learning to spell English words. Because of this, Clever Eli is one of the best handwriting books for 1st grade students.

Print and Cursive Fonts

Special grooves embossed on good quality cardboard paper make both print cursive handwriting practice feel much easier. Unlike dot to dot tracing books, our indented writing book guides the child's hand. Through our print and cursive practice book children will improve their fine motor skills, writing skills, and develop more confidence in their writing ability.

What Parents Say

A Happy Child Makes Happy Parents.

Best ages to learn handwriting for kids

Clever Eli has combined your child’s full growth experience into one fun book!  Our reusable handwriting book for kids is perfect for toddlers and loads of fun for older children as well!


Many schools introduce handwriting books for 3rd grade students who are usually between 7 and 9 years old. By this stage, most young ones have practiced pen control, line tracing and developed the motor skills for writing letters with loops and strokes to make each letter flow. Cursive handwriting books can help children this age develop their skills even further.

Kindergarten/1st grade

Many parents and a growing number of early education facilities are seeing the benefits of using a handwriting practice workbook to help kindergarten and 1st grade students learn to trace letters and numbers, and improve pen control.


Writing books for toddlers and the slightly more advanced handwriting books for preschoolers are just as important to help early learners practice letter formation by tracing letters, learning to trace numbers and build confidence at this young age.

It’s important for your child to have fun with simple support to strengthen and develop control over their hand muscles in readiness of learning to write. That’s what makes Clever Eli the best handwriting book for kids of all ages!

Make Handwriting Fun

A unique reusable handwriting book
made exclusively for the USA!

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Many of our top customers are teachers, OTs and parents who value doing the best for their children by helping them to learn cursive and more basic handwriting with a Clever Eli handwriting and cursive writing practice book.

However, the Clever Eli handwriting book is a great gift for anyone with a toddler through to a younger school-aged child. This wonderfully packaged handwriting practice book and FREE pen set will keep the little ones busy for hours while developing their skills at the same time!

Clever Eli also gets orders from family members, including grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings and friends. Often a few family or friends will pool their gift-giving to organize Clever Eli letters and numbers workbooks for all the young children in the family so they each have their own to play and learn.

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